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Welcomes Eau Gallie High School Band!

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1)  Click on the album that you want to view.  Allow some time for the photo thumbnails to download.  There is no need to "Log In" or "Register."

2) After the album page loads, use the slider bar at the bottom of the page to scroll through different  pictures.  The small, square thumbnail photos cut-off part of the picture.  Click on a thumbnail to see the entire photo.  Click on the "album" or "photo" boxes on the left for options.

3) If you would like to order a print, see "Purchasing Prints" above.  When ordering from the shopping cart, we provide full resolution, long lasting prints and profits are donated.  Contact us if you have any questions.

4) If you see a picture in the gallery that you feel is inappropriate or want removed, please contact us so that we can take appropriate action.

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